May 5, 2014 § 1 Comment


By Raouia Boularbah

By Raouia Boularbah



Much obliged to now confess
Thought I was your princess
It’s just the usual incest
Forgetting we are insects
This is not a test
I’m the right pest
Do you truly detest?
Are you impressed?
Wear your survival vest
Feels like snow in Budapest
But you insist
To be the priest
Am I missed?
Absence is bliss
But how triste
Like a dance at the Ritz
So triste
Like lonely tits
So triste
Like a cunt and a fist
We match like creeps
It hurts but it keeps
How bad he treats
The clit he eats
Finds what he seeks
In the ocean and deeps
But I called dibs
On the whisky he sips
On the words he spits
The bruised gentle hips
They marry your lips
Inside me he fits.
He fits.
Inside me he sits.
He fits.


Ghizlane Radi



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