Nightmares II – Marathon

May 2, 2014 § Leave a comment


Blue Run

I’m naked as the day I was born and the day I’ll be buried. It’s cold as the hole I’ll be buried in. I’m on the top of Tangier’s Kasbah, at the steps of Bab Bhar. I have a sight over the sea and on the broken walls of a once luxurious past. My nipples could cut glass. Even my pubic hair is shivering. I can see waves wilder than the wind fucking my back and flowing in my hair so strong it takes it off. So I run, bald, barefoot, on the mountain streets of the Kasbah. Shameful Race. Not a single walking soul but cats. I don’t know what I’m running from I know it’s something frightening. It starts raining but, it’s not water pouring; it’s valium. It pours so raw it bruises my naked corpse. I attempt to find shelter though every roof I stand under collapses immediately. The pills dig holes on my pale skin. I start to cry and never stop.


Safety Quest

I’m toothless, it’s a recent secret. I try to hide it from as many as possible. I’m ugly as a bitch. I hide my jaw in my scarf but it tears open. I hide it in the palm of my hand. I’m wandering down Si Salem to reach my grandmother’s house. Every passenger greeting me faces a denying scared frown. I run but my speed doesn’t increase. The green wood door is so close, I can see it, I can’t reach it, I can smell the scent of the house. The people, all the fucking people trying to talk to me. I shout but no sound comes out. I run but I’m only pushed backwards. The green door opens and smoke comes out, or fog. Too much of it, I can’t see no more. The frustration and fear form a unbeatable duet. My lungs are breaking. All efforts to run are immediately suppressed by some unknown force pulling me, swallowing my movements and sounds. It feels a whole lot like someone is after me, it could be any one of all these curious morons around me.


Ghizlane Radi



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