From My Diaries

April 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Do you sometimes wonder how I was when I was fifteen? Me neither. My last diary was kept on my computer. I found it. I was fifteen years old, I was a little insane I’m afraid.

“My first sip of vodka was weird. It reminded me of his saliva.”

“I felt like I didn’t share experiences, it would cancel their reality. I’m a liar but for my own good.”

“I definitely like booze more than coffee.”

“I don’t understand why weed isn’t legal, it makes me feel way better than my cold medicine.”

“I don’t think drugs are that bad. Apart from the fact that it kills people, which everything does, they just make you feel the way you should.”

“Honestly, I never really know what to wear.”

“I don’t like him, not even as a friend. I like the new things I try with him, I don’t know if that’s friendship”

“I don’t understand my life sometimes. I don’t know why I do the things I do.”

“I don’t know if the movies I watch resemble my life or if I’m unconsciously trying to resemble them. I feel brainwashed sometimes.”

“I discovered I can get high on my meds. I’m the happiest I’ve been this week.”

“Why should I apologize to God? He should apologize to me! He’s awful at his job!”

“I don’t like smoking cigarettes, I really like not smoking them even less.”


Ghizlane Radi


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