April 10, 2014 § 1 Comment

I bet she doesn’t ash on your floor.
I bet she loves you way more.
I bet her feet don’t even smell.
I bet she didn’t laugh when you fell.
I bet she can cook things you like.
I bet you go out together and hike.
I bet she doesn’t drink from the bottle.
I bet she’s gentle and subtil.
I bet she votes and volunteers.
I bet she looks good shedding tears.
I bet she has no scars on her face.
I bet she don’t cut herself when she shaves.
I bet she does tricks I can’t perform.
I bet she makes you feel home.
I bet she doesn’t get you mad like I did.
I bet you don’t play Nancy and Sid.
I bet I can still drive you instantly crazy.
I bet you know it in your heart so hazy.
I bet you see a little of me in her.
I bet I’m somehow a little hotter.

By Mehdi Drissi

By Mehdi Drissi


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