January 9, 2014 § 2 Comments

I found three line of white dust,
They lead me to my insides.
Said they were found to be again lost,
Said they freed of no tides.

I came across two lonely blue boys ;
Called me by my second name.
Said they were but forgotten noise,
Travelling down my corpse the same.

I met four creatures of smoke and summer ;
Their cunts knew more than the streets.
Said they knew no troubles or bummer,
Said they lived between our sheets.

I saw two shiny eyes on a woman blink,
I danced on them for a long night.
She said she must someday inspire my ink ;
It obeyed and now pours on her sight.

I discovered three drops of blood on my shoes ;
The demon forgot to lick them off.
Said they were awful lot confused
About the man they heard cough.

I took them to see the blue boys lost ;
They agreed on their gods and friends.
They sat down and watched my legs frost.
They held my hair and crossed my hands.

I warmed up on the sight of my dusty lines,
Made of miniature dots and tears.
They pushed me into the lit up signs
Where I reunited with my dears.

All the aphabetic disorders,
All the men in between borders,
The cynical thanks falling,
The pennies slowly rolling,
The doomed decorated souls,
The fool who gently howls,
The murdered dictators,
The precious traitors,
The perfect miserable,
The honored unacceptable,
The mothers of a million,
The untalented brilliant,
Never have I seen a similar animal ;
To the one inside your physical.

We walk on a broken boulevard,
We die and live of our sad art.
We drink and drink til forever,
We drink til we feel our liver .
Then we get drunk and we get drunk ;
We get drunk on our ship sunk.


Ghizlane Radi



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