Letter To God

November 24, 2012 § 33 Comments

Dear God,

I realize you’re not very fond of me. Quite frankly, I’m not your biggest fan either, and as you know so very well, I’m not the only one feeling that way. I suppose you understand it’s because we don’t agree on several things.

First of all, you have this habit of making stuff a certain way and banning them. You make a man gay and then claim homosexuality is a sin. You make us horny and declare adultery is a sin. Second, you know the future, you know everything that’s going to happen and yet say you are testing us. Isn’t it boring to watch an event that’s been spoiled for you? Also, since you are so good, quit being so bad and blaming it on Satan. You are the God, your powers are greater than his.

Don’t get upset because of what I just wrote. This letter’s purpose is in fact; a truce. You want us to do what you want and we want you not to screw us, let’s compromise:
-Instead of prayers to prove our love for you, how about flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s day? Because ain’t nobody got time for that.
-Don’t write a book until you’re sure what you want us to do.
-Cancel the winter season.
-Bring back James Dean.
-Allow sex before marriage. People are so tense these days, trust me this might save the humanity.
-Cancel the hymen.
-Make money trees.
-Cancel oil.
-Cancel hell. If you love us so much.
-Make us good. If you want us to be so.

That being said, there is another demand which I think is actually your job. You are the good, you are the kindness, the love, the ultimate one and only creator of everything. So if you’re like an amazing dude and the world sucks, what the fuck are you doing up there apart from judging us? Help us out here. Even Satan is more of an activist than you.

I suppose those are the only requests I have for you right now, apart from the fact that you have to chill more. If any others pop up, I’ll be sure to send them. Please send two photos of you in the reply letter, I need them for the blog. Please kill me when I’m twenty seven. Also, I lost my earring in the ocean, please give it back.

Holy kisses,

Ghizlane Radi.

PS: Remind me why you impregnated the virgin Mary. I mean dude, no good can clearly ever come from such a thing.


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§ 33 Responses to Letter To God

  • The blog’s name fits perfectly with the author.

  • whateva says:

    What tha…
    Just stop writing pls, never ever do it again

  • Zak says:

    ach had l9lawi

  • Anonymous says:

    Good job ! i just love it
    Don’t listen to the assholes

  • Oudaani Ali says:


  • vladimire says:

    Just let me know if he answers

  • If I ever tell you that he did, take me to a hospital dude.

  • vladimire says:

    ever heard of LSD ?

  • youness says:

    drôle et bien ecris mais :

    Est ce que cette lettre s’address a un dieu ou à “Allah” ?? si c’est “Allah” qu’elle concerne, bah je crois que t’aura une reponse,tôt ou tard, mais pas maintenant, et pas de la même façon, pas dans la même dimension ! Pour les autres j’en sais rien.

    De plus si vraiment tu voulais des reponses, t’aurais pu poser ces mêmes questions a un être humain, avant de s’addresser a dieu ou “Allah”. est ce que tu crois que t’ai la seul personne au monde qui s’est poser ces questions là: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifllgTA2pmY t’aura des reponse ici je crois.

    je sais que j’ai trop écris là et que en lisant mon commentair tu va exploser de rire ! dsl si j’ai dis quelque choses de mal !

  • That what happen when you give a motherfucking ass a laptop + wordpress account.

  • Anas Sabbar says:

    I’m sorry for what those dogmatic scoundrels are saying. Nice piece of mind and reasonable demands : )
    Long live the Free Mind.

  • Anonymous says:

    Me likey !

  • Sophia Zahi says:

    Hey. Veux tu être mon amie?
    C’est sérieux, mais plus sérieusement encore, c’est génial et léger.

  • Zed says:

    I’ve got nothing to say.
    “Lah i3fo 3la li tlfo”

  • check the email (oh wait, not public :p) says:

    Since i couldnt find a way to send you a private message i’m just gonna leave a comment.
    I have enjoyed your letter to god, it’s been a long time that i have been writing to him, but post offices dont take “please deliver this to the holy gates” as an adress, and the religious authoroties either hold his number and adress jealously or they dont have a fucking clue.
    Obviously each time i’ve been talking to him, in his usual, arrogant manner he replies by silence and disdain. i’ve been told that if i keep challenging him he might answer in a deadly manner, i remain very doubtful and as usual he can kiss my pale white ass.
    your blog is very good, keep writing, you got yourself a new follower.
    cheers babe.

    (yes you read very well, pale white ass)

  • Thank you very much! If you prefer privacy you can always email me at ghizlaneradi@gmail.com. As for the deadly reply, this letter is not a challenge; it’s a truce. ;)

  • Alia says:

    Lah yssm7lik a khti, raki ghir katkhrb9i w taaaalfa f had denia, siri steghferi Lah w baraka men had lblabla bla lkhawya, kakount 9riti le coran kakan 3endk les reponses, bnadem hta kay3mer rassou mzyan 3ad yji yna9ech,ama tu disais n’impooooooooooorte quoi f had la lettre; bref!! c ridicule w 3e9lek khaaaaaaaaaawi, zeroooooooooooo , 3ssbtini wllah , kankreh bnadem bhalk!!

  • Ahlam says:

    I can understand from which perspective you are thinking. You are funny in a way. Still you are playing with fire! Because you will really get a response at a certain moment when your soul will be damaged and broken, your body will be suffering from the pain and you will be overwhelmed by fear. That moment you will remember your letter to god…

    Now you will not realize things cause you are in a trance, field with arrogance and contradiction. You are seeing things just with one eye.

    My god bless you.

    Xx Ahlam

  • i will find u i will kill u says:

    ربنا لا تؤاخذنا بما فعل السفهاء منا
    Ghizlane will be قردان Lah imasskhak wakha mamsoukha khlou9

  • Hi Ghizlane,
    My name is Tarik. I appreciate your writing. You will not believe it : I stumble upon God’s answer to your letter while I was wandering in the net. I think, since God is omniscient he knew that you will post this letter, so he had already sent the reply. Below is HIS answer, if you’ve not already found it yourself :

    “Dear Ghizlane,
    You are Goddess. What you think is God Laws, Religions, are simply your individual and collective mind creations. (Mind=Lucifer=Chaytane). Your religions are beautiful poetry in the best case, just rubbish in the worse. You are (the whole society) the unconscious authors of your own religions and contradictions and so you are the cause of your suffering. You miss always the true meaning of religion; You miss the real spirituality behind religions and you create monsters out of it. The real and beautiful message is lost. Almost just after the death of the sage or the prophet bringing the message. Please wake up. Be free. But, please, don’t react. Don’t create another mess in reaction of your so called religions. The hippies react to the society in the sixties and they missed Me. They missed theirselves. Don’t miss Yourself again. Wake up please ! Arab Spring is good, but go beyond it. It is not the end. Just the begining. You, young people, are the hope for this humanity if you throw out all this garbage created by your mad societies and be again pure love, pure joy and unity with Nature, with Life. Trust yourself. Be yourself. Enjoy Life. Go deep inside yourself. Accept your body, your feelings, your thoughts. Enjoy them, go deep in them but don’t be identified with them. Know that your body is part of your not all of you. Accept it, enjoy it, but beyon it. The same with your mind, thoughts and your emotions. They belongs to you. Accept them but don’t be identified with them. Go beyond. You’re not only body, mind or emotions. You’re more. You’re eternal and infinite. Live your life. Accept and appreciate whatever happens to you. It is meant to enrich you. Be friendly towards yourself, towards other human beings, towards the Earth, the Nature. But there is no need to fight. Accept and respect other religions and beliefs. There is so many paths to find oneself. Even the most absurd path lead to me if the longing is real … Don’t try to convert them. Just love them inconditionnaly. They are also God and Goddes lost in their minds. Learn to see the beautiful soul deep inside them. Behind the thick clouds of the mind, behind the masks of society.

    I’ll will not answer one by one all your requests/questions. I repeat it : YOU ARE GODDESS. So, please find the answers deep inside yourself. You’ll find that some questions are real wisdom guiding you to Me, to Yourself, to The Universe. Other questions or suggestions are just nonsense, stupid reactions. You can laugh of them, enjoy your writing and forget them if they lead nowhere.

    Now, there is a real opportunity to wake up. Surf on the wave of Human Kind awakening. Be part of this humanity longing for Love and Harmony. Be part of those who are now building the new Earth just by being true to themselve, by being just Love. Inconditionnal Love. If you want some guidance you can check, in Internet, Eckhard Tolle, Adrian P. Cooper, Kiesha Crowther and many many others. And don’t forget your real guide : it is your heart. Allow him to express. Listen to your heart. Don’t take seriously your mind. It is a wonderfull tool but don’t allow him to use you, to be your master. Trust your heart and nothing or nobody else. There is a very subtle voice deep in your heart. Relax, stop thinking, trust yourself and you will be able to hear it. Enjoy it. This is My Voice. My Answer. I’ll not write any letter anymore. I’ll just use this tiny voice inside your heart. Hear it. Trust it. It is more complete, more beautiful than any words in man languages.

    Signed : God, your true Being.”

  • Youssef says:

    Just another person who couldn’t handle life and star writing shits expressing his mess and silliness….Oh little girl ! You should get a fucking brain to understand what is the purpose of life…You don’t even have the intellect and knowledge to write something. So, don’t khrej 3inek anymore !

  • jamii says:

    what a great letter, if you get a reply send it to me

  • lord says:

    i fucking like it so much. fuck the haters

  • Anonymous says:

    http://newnation.sg/wp-content/uploads/joker-clap.gif Nice try Nemo’s eyes ! Nice try .. You ugly piece of shit :) I really pity you !

  • Anonymous says:


  • Wold says:

    The fantastical claims of religion have no logical basis, and what is asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence, and to claim absolute knowledge is monstrous, when knowledge is in fact an unending adventure.

    The proposition to live your life under cradle-to grave divine supervision. A permanent surveillance and monitoring, not only judging you for your actions but even your thoughts……I cannot imagine anything more horrible. Not only is one made to suffer in lifetime, but one is further tortured even after death? for eternity? how cruel and Grotesque is that!

    The influence of religion holds humanity back from meaningful progress, and it is the duty of every self respecting, thinking person to speak out theism.

  • Anonymous says:

    You shouldn’t write about something if you don’t know everything about it. Download حوار مع صديقي الملحد pdf, and read it. Bisous ou lay hdik.

    I wanted to answer first but then girl whooo caaaares of what you think
    Looking for fame bitch ? You ain’t gettin’ shit

  • Bernice Hoskins says:

    lovely style of writing…and the content is v.good as well.
    keep up the good work Ghizlane.

    for those silly people who only criticize without making a logical counterargument, I say, ………….. get a life.

  • Salim boualam says:

    Hello Ghyslane,
    I write to God to, and he replies to me. 1st you cant understand God, therefore dont try. 2nd the fact that Satan is more activist visually is the point of this game, to see which way you are going to lean towards because faith is believing without seeing.
    3rd the hymen is here for a reason, to keep your pussy tight and let other men feel confortable inside of you (i cant believe i have to explain that).
    4th in all his books was the same message all over again, and it s clear as water.
    5th God is everywhere, in every atom of all matter including your body, ask for forgiveness right now, for you own good, he really doesnt care about it as you could already notice in this life, but you care because you are writing this letter of frustration/despair. You want him to reveal him self deep inside, guess what he wont till you die.
    6th understand that they are guidelines to be respected in the holy books, it s like a manual of operation, if you dont respect the guidelines it s at your own risk and cost, therefore you can be gay if you wanted it, at your own cost. He gave you freewill you are using it.
    7th he cant send u a picture because the picture cant contain Him, in fact even your own consciousness cant contain him, how do you want Him to send you a picture. Stop the blasphemy!
    8th cancel oil? How about oil wasnt supposed to be our energy, but water through hydrogen and other non problematic energy sources, it s Satan’s agents that worked really hard to kind of force us to use this god damn oil. Do your research on alternative energies found by men of God but got suppressed and killed by Satan’s agents.
    9th despite all this, God loves you, you gotta see
    10th Prayers are food for angels. You do them to stay in course along with angels that support you. Ah i forgot for you it s blasphemy and right now it s demons for you, they are cleverly influencing your thoughts into more and more blasphemy.
    I hope you try to write a Love letter to God and witness what happens in your life. A legit love letter.
    Become a God lover and God shows his love to you. But that is a privileged, the privileged of the heart of a believer.

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