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Sex doesn’t hold the place in our society that it deserves. It’s either underrated or overrated. It’s either an emotionless act or a scary one.

Sexual acts are underrated when they are described as absurd and when people who seek it are disrespected for that and are treated as hunters. Sex is not a low goal; it’s an essential need, a need that also provides an incredible pleasure and that, as we seem to often forget, is the source of life. How can the source of life be absurd?

It’s also believable that sex is underrated for the simple reason that it isn’t talked about as frequently as it should be. Its existence is barely noticed during conversations. Of course there is more in life than sex, but the uncomfortable atmosphere its mentioning causes during a discussion is an alarm to the necessity of talking more about it.

On the other hand, sex can also be extremely overrated, to the point of becoming an act full of pressure and fear. The pressure is the consequence of everyone’s belief that sex is a proof of love. Sex is a proof of emotions, not necessaraly love. The emotion that causes the sexual desire can, be as complexed and romantic as love or as simple and casual as lust, passion, respect, admiration… Sometimes, the sexual desire is caused by hate, which doesn’t make the pleasure any less real and enjoyable. So we shouldn’t really go with what romance movies, books or songs tell us. Only you can decide which emotion suits your sexual preferences more.

The fear is without a doubt a result of the big deal we like to make out of virginity. Girls grow up believing that their bodies contain something they will have to lose. The term “losing” is absolutely inappropriate for virginity. Losing is the one thing we have learned to struggle against since we were kids, it provides the feeling of deception and sadness. How can a person’s first orgasm be a loss?

Sex should be considered as normal, natural, easy, fearless as eating, walking, sleeping or listening to music. It’s healthy, it brings joy, pleasure, satisfaction and is definitely not a shame. It has to be realised that it is an important and wonderful experience we all can and must have. Why? Because what sex can teach us about ourselves and others can only be taught by sex.

As a supplemental information to that, it has been proved scientifically that sex diminishes the stress and helps the blood pressure, it boosts the immunity, improves the heart health, reinforces the self esteem, lowers the risk of some cancers, turns down the pain and last but not least, promotes a better sleep.

Ghizlane Radi


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